• One of the social events organized by IEEE-CRCE every year- in order to give back to society-is SPARKC. This humanitarian workshop was conducted on 20th July from 11pm to 12:30pm wherein the children from Fr. Agnel Ashram were taught basic computing. Forty-seven children from the age group of 10-14 years attended this workshop enthusiastically. The children were split into three groups and carefully guided to the 6th floor Computer Labs. To begin with, Paint, a computer based drawing tool was taught by the Council members. They were then encouraged to put in their bit of imagination and sketch. Many of them proved to be very artistic and creative by drawing landscapes, sceneries and also abstract art. This was followed by snacks, chocolates and a dance session in the classroom opposite the Computer Lab. The older kids showed-off their dance skills while the rest, encouraging their friends, moved to the beats with zeal and excitement. As the event came to an end, the children were sent back to the Ashram in an orderly manner, thanking each and every council member on their way out. Despite their sorrow and gloom in life they managed to be enthusiastic and cheerful and participated wholeheartedly in the workshop. During the course of event the IEEE Council Members developed a feeling of Love and Affection towards these kids. Thus, SPARKC proved to be a helpful event for the Ashram children.
    IEEE and WIE council of Fr.Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering organized Technomania-A national level project exhibition, technical paper presentation and technical quiz contest on the 11th of March 2016 for the seventh consecutive year.
    It was for the first time, Technomania was conducted on a national scale and it received an overwhelming response, thus raising the bar.
    The preparations for the event had started in the month of November itself . A systematic and well organized work schedule was planned and executed by the council.
    Each division such as the sponsorship, public relation, management, technical etc worked with utmost diligence to make this event a phenomenal success.
    For the very first time in the history of IEEE-CRCE, we participated in the International IEEE-DAY photo contest held on the 1st October, 2013 and successfully made it to the top 30.
    IEEE-CRCE presented the star events of CRESCENDO 2014 namely DIFFUSE THE BOMB & VIRTUAL REALITY (VR) on 28th August 2015
    WIE-CRCE too succeeded in upholding the excitement levels of CRESCENDO through ROBO-SNAKE & TREASURE MAP.
    We also collaborated with CSI-CRCE and organized ‘Laser Tag’- the key event of Crescendo which witnessed the maximum turnout.
    The challenging arena of the events was more than convincing for participants to come back again and again.