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IEEE Spectrum magazine is the flagship publication of the IEEE, the world’s largest professional technology association. It is a monthly magazine for technology innovators, business leaders, and the intellectually curious.

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Spectrum Radio is a monthly program that discusses the impact of new technology developments and what they mean for society and the consumer marketplace. Listeners can stream Spectrum Radio or download an MP3 file for more leisurely listening.

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IEEE Spectrum Webinars are interactive presentations from leading companies in the electronics industry. No need to travel beyond your computer to attend these free briefings. They provide quick, easy access to detailed technical information live or from the IEEE Spectrum archive.

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The Institute is the member publication of the IEEE that provides news about the IEEE, its members, and issues of concern to the engineering profession. A monthly web publication, The Institute is available to any online visitor, while a quarterly print edition is mailed to members of the IEEE. Twice a month, members are alerted by email to new content on The Institute’s website. Nonmembers may signup for these emails too.

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Our IEEE - CRCE Publications


Technobuzz is the half yearly newsletter of our student branch.It includes articles on latest technology contributed by the students,tutorials,updates about future IEEE events and much more..
So all IEEE members,make sure you get your copy today!

Download— 2014-15 edition of Technobuzz
Download— 2012-13 edition of Technobuzz
Download— February 2012 edition of Technobuzz
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Download— September 2011 edition of Technobuzz
Download— February 2011 edition of Technobuzz
Download— October 2010 edition of Technobuzz
Download— August 2010 edition of Technobuzz